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TC Ambulance


• Founded in 1992, Trans-Care was created due to a shortage of current services meeting customer’s expectations in West Central Indiana. 

• Overnight, our service grew to eventually buying out a competitor, contracting with counties for 911 coverage and developing Hospital and other health care facilities into a more efficient service. 

• A few years later, Trans-Care branched out into Central Indiana partnering with some of the best of the best contributing to mutual benefits of more efficient patient transition.

• Today, Trans-Care prides ourselves in a customer service driven process utilizing technology and streamlined processes to assure the most efficient patient transition in the business.

At Trans-Care, our data-driven transportation company has the cutting-edge technology needed to help move patients more efficiently and in turn creates better conditions for hospitals to bring in more patients. Trans-Care prides itself in forming partnerships with hospital networks. We enforce strict restrictions on what our employees can and cannot wear to ensure they are always dressed professionally. For your utmost safety, we utilize the cleanest and most technologically advanced equipment in our ambulances.

Mission Statement

Trans-Care Ambulance will consistently provide clinically excellent, professional extra-hospital care and medical transportation services. From initial contact through the close of an account, we strive to earn the trust of our patients, our customers, and our communities, by providing outstanding service, rooted in safety, integrity, and compassion.

Our Vision

Trans-Care is on the way to becoming Indiana’s most requested medical transportation provider. Our goal is to accomplish this by presenting solutions that continually surpass the customer's expectations with reliable, convenient, and professional-grade services.

Core Values

Our professionals value compassion, empathy, and respect for all. These values affirm our dedication to treat everyone we encounter in a manner that conveys respect for life and its diversity. Building directly on that respect, we strive to relate to the struggles and joys of those we contact in a mutually beneficial manner.

Our Innovation

Innovation is the creative application of knowledge to develop solutions while stressing an approach that questions the status quo. Innovation is a belief that a better, more efficient method exists, and drives improvements that impact the sustainability of our service.

Integrity-Stringent Adherence

Integrity represents our commitment to honest and ethical, as well as promotes moral interactions with customers, employees, and regulatory agencies. This pledge enables the best possible relationships to be forged and guides our actions, even when no one is watching.

Safety Vigilance

Our team is constantly vigilant against potential injury, damage, and loss. Our commitment to safety emphasizes active prevention of any loss. By mitigating these risks, we enable customer service and patient care to flourish in an industry with inherent dangers.

Our Associations

American Ambulance Association

Terre Haute: (812) 462-1720 Indianapolis: (317) 293-3006 Lafayette: (765) 269-8030 Columbus: (812) 376-3600 Louisville: (502) 873-0873